What is What Falls Up?

I started writing this newsletter in 2020, to stay connected or reconnect with friends and family and connect with new people, and to do this outside of traditional social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

It’s gone through a few iterations.

Almost everything has changed in the last ~4 years — social media has changed; the world has changed; I’ve changed. What hasn’t changed: the belief that, through good old-fashioned email, we can build new relationships and maintain/strengthen old ones.

Shall we?

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll write occasional posts, including updates and reflections on life experiences, meaningful topics, causes I care about, and interesting and important happenings.

  • If you find them interesting, reply to continue the conversation.

A typical newsletter might include:

  • Reflections on notable aspects of the human experience.

  • Infor and resources around issues that deserve our attention.

  • Invitations for dialogue, collaboration, and action-taking.

  • Climate justice, spirituality/consciousness, art, health/wellness, technology.

    Read past* editions of Newsletter Falls here. *Note: I paused writing this newsletter for awhile (June 2021-2024); things may appear different pre- and post-blip.

How frequently are emails sent?

If I’m feeling good, I’ll share every 1-3 months. If not, I might disappear for another few years.

Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time. It may or may not hurt my feelings; if it does, that’s on me / not you. 😘

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