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Hey, I’m Tim 👋

I write this newsletter, which I consider to be a connection point to community. Through good ol’ trusty email, I hope to stay in-tune with people while avoiding the vortex of social media.

To foster a healthy space for community, I’ll be myself and welcome others to be themselves, within the safety of a mutual commitment to being kind and respecting one another.

If you subscribe to this newsletter, you’ll receive an occasional email from me, which could* include any or none of the following:

  • reflections on notable things from my life or our shared lives

  • information about things that merit awareness and care

  • invitations for discussion, involvement, and action

*It’s a work in progress, and your feedback is welcome.

Subscribers can also access everything I’ve written in the past here.

How often do subscribers receive an email? 📥

Monthly, or less frequently.

Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time; and it won’t hurt my feelings.

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Tim Falls

I'm a community-builder channeling energy to the climate movement.