Mar 2, 2021Liked by Tim Falls

This feels like a huge step forward from last month. The breadth and depth of material is inspiring. And the accountability through transparency makes it feel weighty. I've joined the efforts at my department of state to do a better job of looking at our employee base and recruting efforts through the lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion. And at times I feel overwhelmed by the amount of material there is to read and learn from on these issues. As I read through your writing this month, I'm struck by the 'I' statements. Here is where I have jumped in, and what I think of what I'm looking at. There's power to that. It's encouraging.

On your sharing of your experiences as an adolescent, my brain starts thinking of how to unpack the dynamics there for those of us who found themselves in similar, but more subtle, racist environments. And how many people I grew up around who would spend their money to see a Bulls game and idolize MJ and buy his product, but would wantonly throw the N word around like so much seasoning on a steak. The idol dynamic injected with race is something I'd like to hear more about. ~ Cheers, TF

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